Real Estate

Insight into the design process

We have just recently completed designing and printing new business cards, flyers, with compliment slips and stickers for a direct marketing campaign for our business directed at real estates. Whilst we find it relatively easy to design for our customers it took us some time for ourselves, being in print and design we had to make sure that it was spot on and we remembered the importance of proofs. I designed the campaign with the assistance of our wonderful designer Chi Chi who is fantastic at bringing ideas to life and it was a bit of journey but the end results made it all worth it.

Starting with the business cards, for the background I always love a bit of texture. The last cards background was from a close up photo that I took of brown paper with chocolate brown text. This time around I wanted to try a background from a photo of a crumpled metallic black/silver envelope. We went ahead with it, slightly updating the logo by tilting the logo and giving the business name a more corporate lay out with white text. I changed the back of the card by using a cascading logo with Spot UV applied to it to make it pop. We also promoted our Instagram gallery to invite potential clients to take a look at our creativity easily.

The DL sized flyer proved more vexing, the idea being to promote a new cello glaze that we offer called velvet cello as well as the business and what we offer. I knew I wanted images featured so people could get an idea of what we are about without having to look us up online if they chose. We had the same background as the business card for uniformity, including white text and 6 images on the front in circle frames for something different. For the back I mimicked the business card with the cascading logo. We did a proof to be sure and it’s just as well that we did. The font size for the text was too big and I wasn’t sure about the clearness of the white text. The back of the flyer looked pretty empty with the logos too big and not to scale. When providing digital proofs online, what you see on the screen is not necessarily how it will print. We always recommend printing it on your home or work printer, not for colour but for the size of text and margins etc. We also offer hard copy digital proofs and these give you more of an idea colour wise of how it will work out when we go to print.

When we compared the business card and the flyer proof, I realised we had to ditch the background idea as it just didn’t work with the flyer. The back of the business card we decided just wasn’t good enough, with the cascading logos too big. If we were going to re-print the cards we may as well do it right. We know our target audience is predominately male so I wanted something grunge and dark to make the logo stand out. I recommend iStock or Shutterstock for excellent images to purchase and I settled on an industrial background of grey concrete. The second proof came out much better with the different background but it still needed some final tweaking by reducing the size of the logo on the back so that it wasn’t as in your face and adjusting some text including out lining the text and it’s layout. We were now ready to print them with the lovely velvet cello glaze and a design we were proud to promote and the finished product looking and feeling great.

Now that we were happy with the flyer, the new business card needed to be tweaked to marry with the flyer. The text was outlined and the background changed, logo rescaled and an image and tag line Measure twice cut once added. Spot UV was also applied to the image and text as well as the logo for extra zing. Next up was the with compliment slip, which was pretty easy as it just needed to match what we had done. We didn’t want it to be like every other one out there and used good quality paper with a little texture to keep in theme with the other marketing items. And lastly was the sticker that we wanted to use for complimentary sweets and to seal the luxury envelopes as an extra special touch. I personally addressed and wrote every single with comp slip and the envelopes were personalised with gold pen. Put it this way, I’m not used to writing with typing all day long so there were quite a few mistakes made and a very sore hand but got it done. Once they were all put together they looked fantastic!