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The infographic that you need to keep for social media image sizes

Another fantastic infographic courtesy of Tent Social.

There is nothing worse then going to visit a social media page and the images are low res & pixelated. It is totally understandable as a SME (small to medium enterprise) owner we are busy enough keeping up with not only our day-to-day business but evermore time consuming social media. 

I will go through a Facebook example as a courtesy to get you going but please feel free to comment with any questions that you may have.

Your Facebook profile image needs to be set at 851 X 315 pixels.

Firstly to see what size your image is drop your image into Photoshop, go to Image & in the drop down bar click on Image size.

Change the width & height to 851 x 315 px – please make sure that your image is bigger or around the same size, if it is smaller you will still get a low res effect.

Click on File & click on Save as ‘insert your file name’ and then click on Ok and presto!

Another tip that I can offer is to put FB in front of your file name & create a folder called Facebook images to store your edited images in.


Please feel free to share and repost this infographic.