How to get your message out in a world overloaded with information?

I have a great infographic courtesy of LookBook HQ that looks at –

How darn busy we are in a major information age!

* 79% scan the web over reading every word (I know I fall into that category).

* We consume on average 100,500 digital words everyday!

* 51% spend their time managing information instead of acting on it.

* 90 % admit to sometimes throwing out important information without even reading it!

Now more then ever we need to employ KISS – (Keep It Simple Stupid) & really get to the crux of the point with our digital & print media.

It could be as visual as a before & after picture of your product or service on your flyer or Facebook page.

But as daunting as multimedia marketing can be we have to admit to ourselves that a short Youtube video, Instagram or an infographic is going to get our message out more effectively then a heap of text.

We now need to tell a story about our brand that will evoke our audience’s interest. Perhaps think of it as grown up ‘Show & Tell’, as human beings we never tire of a good story.

How you want to do this is up to you but try to be mindful and have all of your media channels such as Youtube etc easy for your audience to access.


Please feel free to share and repost this infographic.